Trawler houseboat project 75 ft – UK

Trawler houseboat project 75 ft

75ft trawler build buckie 1969 in wood and steel working

kelvin tsc8 440hp diesel 850 gallons of fuel on board

Steam to Exmouth from Torpoint by me last year no problems.

Steamed from Storaway, Scotland in 2015 no problems

Ready to convert into house boat i

I have made a start water tight steam away

Boat comes with in date life raft till 2020

Radar plotter compass radio two generators one cost two grand

Boat messy and in need of paint and wood work top sides

Last survey 2015

All there ready to convert

Massive boat in water in river Exe, Devon, England

Steam it home

Ring Dave (+44) 07926168852

May take offer on price thanks no insults please boats on here that size with no engine for 20k


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