Any Photographers with DSLR cameras Around ?

Any Photographers with DSLR cameras Around ?

I can’t remember a thread on CF on this subject.
Am I the only photographer here or is the rest hiding?

Come on forward if you share this hobby too! What kind of gear do you have, what works really well or not at all aboard, what kind of photography you like best, which subjects, techniques, which software you use etc. !

We have Canon 5D2 & 7D with glass that spans 12-200 mm. We do everything, from landscape to macro and like it all. We are experimenting with clamps to take the place of tripods aboard.

Here’s some examples:

Re: Any photographers with DSLR’s around?

we’re just getting into it. we have a pentax k5. it is water resistant which hopefully helps in higher humidity, and we have a couple lenses. any older pentax lens will work in it too because it has internal stabilizers. so far just a few pics cause we’re busy getting ready to leave on our long term cruise. we really like it. it’s light and easy to use.

Re: Any photographers with DSLR’s around?

I was an avid Kodachrome shooter and into macro and landscapes back in the day. I just acquired a Nikon D3000, which I won in a photo contest using a snapshot taken by my Canon pocket-sized point-and-shoot. So, I’ll be interested in reading digital tips and techniques here.

As far as cameras and lenses on a boat, watch out for the humidity. Here on Nevis, the humidity this past summer caused a spot of mold to grow inside the elements of the lens of my little Canon. A similar thing happened to my Leica binoculars. Bummer!

Brexit and it’s impact

Brexit yachts

Brexit and it’s impact has been a topic of conversation with friends and clients for quite a while now. I’ve been keeping abreast of all the latest developments. I’ve been reading the industry guidance and talking to colleagues across the UK, Ireland and Europe. I’ve been watching the currency markets and the stock prices of all the major players in the industry.

And my most succinct analysis is this…

I haven’t a bloody clue what’s going to happen. And anyone who says they do is a bluffer.

And do you know what…

At the moment, I don’t really care anymore.

I’m fed up with the uncertainty, the game playing and effort of thinking about it.

We’re still selling boats, and enthusiasts will continue to go boating regardless of what happens.

That is for sure.

The arguments and rationale for Brexit having either a positive or negative effect on the market are both plentiful and largely pointless.

We don’t even know yet what Brexit means,

so trying to predict its impact at this point is impossible. I can only speak of my recent experiences…

Yes, I was (and still am a little) worried that the prospect of Brexit is going to stifle sales. We had a quiet first couple of weeks of the year which is normally a busy time. But since then things have been going great guns. Sales are now up on the same period last year and are showing no signs of slacking off.

We are seeing a slight reduction in the number of leads per boat and this means that with less competing offers sale prices are down a bit on last year, but not by much.

All in all the buyers who are active in the market are keen to buy and just want to get the best deal that they can.

They’re getting on with life… in spite of, or maybe because of, all the ongoing uncertainty.

The general sentiment was summed up nicely by a gentleman from Cork who was in my office finalizing a deal a few days ago.

He told me that he’d been having all sorts of advice from bar stool experts to hold off on buying a boat until after Brexit, when the market will surely collapse. Either that, or Sterling will drop to parity with the Euro (although it’s currently going the other way!), and then he’d get a cracking deal. The general consensus was that he’s mad to be buying a boat in the UK now.

His response was…

‘I don’t really care. I want the boat. I’m buying the boat. And if everything does go pear shaped in the near future, at least I’ll have my boat to enjoy!’

… I couldn’t have put it better myself.

At the end of the day buying a boat is not an astute financial decision. It makes terrible economic sense… it’s always gonna cost money and sometimes lots of it. But who cares.

It’s an indulgence. It’s a treat to yourself and your family for all your hard work and effort.

And it’s a release valve from all the stresses of modern life – Brexit included!

Being aboard your boat is one of the few places left that you can genuinely escape from work and hassle.

And picture-perfect days afloat when everything comes together at the right time (the weather, the company, the location and the boat) are priceless.

So, will Brexit affect the leisure boat market?


Although I suspect it’s going to be much more of a ‘bump in the road’ than a ‘wheels falling off’ scenario. After all when the barstool experts all think they have it sussed, it’s usually a safe bet that they’re totally wrong.

Should Brexit stop you from buying a boat?

If you have the means and desire to do it; absolutely not.

Go for it.

My advice is to buy the boat. Get afloat. Switch off and chill out. Brexit can do what it wants.


All the best,

T. 028 7136 8779

M. 07801 076582 


Dutch barge liveaboard houseboat

Dutch barge liveaboard houseboat

This barge has recently been fitted out
She is 11.5 m long 2.95 m beam
0.6 m draft
2. 0 m airdraft
1.85 m in wheelhouse
1.5 m front cabin
1.1 back cabin
There is a new fold out bed in the front and a small double in the back cabin
Engine is a Mercedes that runs well as the boat was driven about 2 hrs to the crane
There is a fridge onboard
New bow thruster fitted
Double gas locker out on the stern deck
Will put a video of the boat up on Facebook group” ab Liveaboard boats “
Boat is located at RG29 1HS for viewing by appointment
Any question  phone on +44  07770 487066
Can deliver to most places
Dutch barge liveaboard houseboat

Sea Spirit – Ketch – Project boat


Ex Gordonstoun school Yacht built by Nodia Vam Dan 1969.

Please check out her Facebook page where many ex-students have comments and photos about her. She is mentioned in lots of articles and press and the latest addition being Mary berry’s memoirs. A famous boat.

With much regret, it is time for Sea spirit to move on to a new owner.

Used: An item that has been previously used. See the seller’s listing for full details and description of … Read more
Year: 1969
Type: Ketch Rigging: Ketch
Make: Nordia Keel: Long Keel
Length (feet): 65 Country/Region of Manufacture: Netherlands
Hull Material: Steel

The last plan was to convert her to a houseboat with a mooring in London, which would have allowed a healthy return. This also meant she still had the option to go back to a blue water sailing yacht when required.

Sea Spirit has under gone a major rebuild of the hull and deck and without doubt that she is stronger and safer than she ever was.

List of renovation work that’s been completed to date.

New 5 mm steel deck

All of the underwater parts of the hull have been replaced in 6 mm steel.

Multiple frames replaced.

Concrete bilge cover removed and covered in new steel sheet (will never fail)

Prop shaft lowered including new engine beds to increase cabin space.

New portholes to include new brass portholes

New floor frames

New fuel tanks

New steel bulkheads including water tight doors.

New front dog house with grand spiral staircase leading to front accommodation.

New rear wheel house with navigation/Coms area and stairs to crew area

New rudder

All new gunwales as original bent.

New deck lights.

New windows frames for Dog house and Wheel House

The boat has been thoroughly prepared and painted inside with specialist paints.

She does have original masts and rigging but the engine was underpowered so she will need a new unit.

Certified MCA approved contractors have professionally done all work The hard, dirty, and expensive parts of the project have now been completed.

With increased work commitments it has become very difficult to find the time to manage and complete this project.

The first 2 photos show her original condition and the rest as she is now.

Loads of photos on her Facebook profile listed above.

For more information, please do contact:

Jamie on +44 (0) 7971 482506

Or Jason on +44 (0) 7973 224424


Houseboat Project boat- Teeside in the UK

Description of Houseboat – project boat

This project boat is a historical registered vessel of 67 tons was bought by her current owner. To continue her life as a passenger vessel, she was sailed from Scotland to her current location in Teeside. However, due to the requirements of commercial coding and coastguard regulation. This plan will not be possible under current ownership, therefore she is now offered for sale. For potential conversion to a houseboat, she offers extensive internal space and due to her wide beam there is very good deck space. While also benefiting from a shallow draft. As seen on the photos, she is currently available for inspection on a slipway. Until the end of May 2018, thereafter she will be on a marina mooring. The owner is keen to sell and is open to offers.

These boat details are subject to contract.

More details and information here 

Note: Offers on the asking price may be considered. 

TEL: +44 (0) 1904 215414   or (0) 7768 996370

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