Brexit and it’s impact

Brexit yachts

Brexit and it’s impact has been a topic of conversation with friends and clients for quite a while now. I’ve been keeping abreast of all the latest developments. I’ve been reading the industry guidance and talking to colleagues across the UK, Ireland and Europe. I’ve been watching the currency markets and the stock prices of all the major players in the industry.

And my most succinct analysis is this…

I haven’t a bloody clue what’s going to happen. And anyone who says they do is a bluffer.

And do you know what…

At the moment, I don’t really care anymore.

I’m fed up with the uncertainty, the game playing and effort of thinking about it.

We’re still selling boats, and enthusiasts will continue to go boating regardless of what happens.

That is for sure.

The arguments and rationale for Brexit having either a positive or negative effect on the market are both plentiful and largely pointless.

We don’t even know yet what Brexit means,

so trying to predict its impact at this point is impossible. I can only speak of my recent experiences…

Yes, I was (and still am a little) worried that the prospect of Brexit is going to stifle sales. We had a quiet first couple of weeks of the year which is normally a busy time. But since then things have been going great guns. Sales are now up on the same period last year and are showing no signs of slacking off.

We are seeing a slight reduction in the number of leads per boat and this means that with less competing offers sale prices are down a bit on last year, but not by much.

All in all the buyers who are active in the market are keen to buy and just want to get the best deal that they can.

They’re getting on with life… in spite of, or maybe because of, all the ongoing uncertainty.

The general sentiment was summed up nicely by a gentleman from Cork who was in my office finalizing a deal a few days ago.

He told me that he’d been having all sorts of advice from bar stool experts to hold off on buying a boat until after Brexit, when the market will surely collapse. Either that, or Sterling will drop to parity with the Euro (although it’s currently going the other way!), and then he’d get a cracking deal. The general consensus was that he’s mad to be buying a boat in the UK now.

His response was…

‘I don’t really care. I want the boat. I’m buying the boat. And if everything does go pear shaped in the near future, at least I’ll have my boat to enjoy!’

… I couldn’t have put it better myself.

At the end of the day buying a boat is not an astute financial decision. It makes terrible economic sense… it’s always gonna cost money and sometimes lots of it. But who cares.

It’s an indulgence. It’s a treat to yourself and your family for all your hard work and effort.

And it’s a release valve from all the stresses of modern life – Brexit included!

Being aboard your boat is one of the few places left that you can genuinely escape from work and hassle.

And picture-perfect days afloat when everything comes together at the right time (the weather, the company, the location and the boat) are priceless.

So, will Brexit affect the leisure boat market?


Although I suspect it’s going to be much more of a ‘bump in the road’ than a ‘wheels falling off’ scenario. After all when the barstool experts all think they have it sussed, it’s usually a safe bet that they’re totally wrong.

Should Brexit stop you from buying a boat?

If you have the means and desire to do it; absolutely not.

Go for it.

My advice is to buy the boat. Get afloat. Switch off and chill out. Brexit can do what it wants.


All the best,

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Houseboat Narrowboat 30ft Springer liveaboard canal boat – UK


Narrowboat 30ft Springer ready to move aboard.

This boat must go as I’m moving to a bigger one.

Can be delivered to London for extra money.

Currently in Leicester.

Sold as seen. 

Outboard engine 9.9hp in perfect working order.
Electrics charged by solar system or engine. Just turn the key and take it home.
New kitchen. Most of the interior is new but not everything finished.
Please keep in in mind that you will have to finish this boat.
There is also an inboard engine diesel works very well but is not connected you  can run it but it will not propel the boat.
Boat safety present til 2021
Blacking last time 8 years ago. No water leaks
 Viewing welcome
Please no time wasters this boat has a lot of bits that need to be finished.
Mostly inside shelves and some wooden panels
I currently live aboard with my wife and dog
The only reason is I’m selling my lovely baby is due to an upgrade to a bigger one.
Any serious questions please email me or call me (+44) 0 749 451 2514
Narrowboat 30ft springer

Widebeam Houseboat liveaboard narrowboat

Widebeam Houseboat – liveaboard narrowboat

This Widebeam Houseboat has just been fully refurbished with high quality fittings this is a great open plan space with modern feel

She is  40 x 12 and very unusual to find this beam in boats of this size
The new fit out has high quality granite work tops
High quality shower room that just been completed
Stainless diesel stove
Just been painted outside and is ready for a new owner as the current owner has just completed her and had a change in circumstances she now available to view in Chertsey.
I may know of some moorings depending on the area you require
Viewing is recommended the pictures don’t show her real ambience
Call for info and viewings 
+44 07850 912200
widebeam houseboat1

River Pods Houseboats- UK

River Pods Houseboats were born through thinking green!

Each River Pods is bespoke built for comfortable, green, low cost living and at a very affordable price.

The show River Pod has one bedroom, fully fitted kitchen and shower room, complete with a lounge dining area and can accommodate 2-4 people.

Although we are able to build to any size up to 50 ft x 12 ft depending on your budget and we are always happy to discuss your ideas and plans.

River Pods also incorporate a front and rear decking area so you can be at one with the outside.

The River Pods have recycled all round insulation, this includes 100 mm in the floor, 100 mm in the walls and 100 mm in the ceiling!


Also have heat retaining double glazed windows and doors –

They are fully insulated, keeping you cosy in the winter months and cool in the summer months!

We have built in a unique Klagester system that has been integrated into our also unique.

Licensed floating system, so the dirty water is treated and sanitised before then going back into the river.

The unique floating system is made from HDPE, which is lightweight yet super-strong.

It is recycled and super buoyant.

It comes with a 125 year guarantee. Oxygen, salt and water have no effect on HDPE, it is not affected by the ravages of time.

It does not need to be painted, or anti-fouled.

Our flotation system will never need to be removed from the water for maintenance or cleaning, unlike all other boat hulls. Simply put: HDPE offers zero corrosion, zero maintenance

The exterior of our River Pods can be clad in various materials from natural cedar wood to composite wood effect panels and profile cladding.

All come in a choice of colour finish

Every River Pod houseboat is built in the UK and is unique, no two will ever look identical!


Contact email 

Pullens Barn
Lamberhurst Road
Kent TN12 8ED

Telephone: +44 (0) 1892 834435
Mobile: +44 (0) 7595 583677


River pods