Boat Prices

USA – Boat Prices

If you are buying or selling a boat – You’re going to need to check the boat prices

It’s probably a good idea to check the prices. The link may not work if you are not in the USA but it does work for many countries and can give you a good idea of current prices for many models of boats,


Used boats for sale by owner, Yacht Auctions

If you’re considering buying a boat or yacht in the USA, this is the boat buyers bible and similar to the “Glasses Guide” used by Car Dealers in the UK at auctions and when trading in your old car. There is no “boat price guide” (like NADA) in the UK. So another way to check prices is, to use the many yacht and boat sales websites like Boatshed or Yachtworld to compare the make and model and year of the boat you are interested in purchasing..

Nada Boat Guides